Del Porto Double Barrel Rested 750ml- (includes free delivery)

AsomBroso Tequila

$2,800.00 $1,346.00

For our Del Porto ultra-premium tequila, I traveled to Portugal where I purchased barrels from one of the finest port wineries. Bringing them back to Mexico, we rested a cache of 11-year tequila to create our unique Double Barrel "reposado".  We learned it is extremely important to periodically taste the rested tequila until the desired complexity and smoothness is reached. 

It was a task in and of itself to find the one who could accurately re-create the original AsomBroso crystal decanter.  Ricardo elected Luciano Gambaro of Gambaro & Poggi from Murano Venezia Italy.  They remain one of the most innovative and accomplished hand blown glass Companies in the world. Each AsomBroso Del Porto crystal decanter is hand numbered and signed by Gambaro & Poggie.

Del Porto's final resting place comes in the form of a beautiful hand-made cedar humidor to present the world's most exclusive tequila.



Ricardo Gamarra

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