"The Collaboration" - Double Barrel in Silver Oak American

AsomBroso Tequila


Collaboration is another groundbreaking Masterpiece using our ultra premium tequila and Napa’s esteemed Silver Oak Cellar’s American casts. Which has produced a one of a kind Ultra-Premium 11 Year Old, Double Barrel Rested, Cabernet Sauvignon Anejo. Housed in a Crystal Decanter hand made by Italian artist Luciano Gambaro, and displayed in a finely polished humidor resting on a laser engraved custom Pedestal.


Distinct from any other tequila in the world, with hints of vanilla, oak, butterscotch from the 11 year French oak resting, and a bountiful kiss of fruit, boysenberries and fine-grained tannins from the Silver Oak barrel, which adore the agave and culminate with a taste experience of pure pleasure.

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